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During a live concert performance, almost nothing is predictable and no one has total control over any parameters in capturing its images. Having the experience and talent to photograph those iconic moments, collect and catalog them, in such a way that conveys the sounds/music/vibe of the experience is what makes David Nardiello a true professional and seasoned concert photographer.

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When taking studio and location photographs of musical and theatrical performers, it is extremely important to work with artist and managers in a collaborative effort.  Understanding and sharing their image is key to capturing and conveying their message.

David Nardiello’s lifetime of interest in a wide spectrum of music and the performing arts, has developed his amazingly talented photographic eye.  Dave is able to use his camera as a tool, a foil, a witness to allow others to share and experience forever - a moment in time.

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You don’t have to be a rock star or a celebrity to have an expressive portrait.

David Nardiello’s photographs capture intimate and revealing portraits. Much more than a picture, Dave’s years of experience and his deep understanding facial expressions, allows him to capture a deeper look into someone’s personality.

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